What is septorhinoplasty?

If the patient is not satisfied with the shape of his/her nose and has breathing problems the operation that solves all of these problems with a single operation is called septorhinoplasty. Respiration problems may be due to septum (the thin structure found in the midline consisting of cartilage) deviation, swelling of the internal conchae or the narrowness of the angle of the septum and the side wall.

Detailed examination before the operation is essential to determine the factors that affect respiration and imaging may be requested when necessary.


Can septorhinoplasty stop snoring?

For healthy breathing, the airways from the tip of the nose to the lungs have to be open. If the factor related to breathing problems or snoring is associated with the nose, then snoring may stop after the operation. However, if the real reason of snoring is the shortness of the chin bone, the short distance between the base of the tongue and the esophagus, then additional treatments may be necessary. In addition, temporary factors like extreme exhaustion, administration of medications or consumption of alcohol may also trigger snoring.