Which Technique is Better? Open or Closed?

The answer of this question depends on the type of the nose, previous traumas and history of surgery and the experience of the surgeon. Repairing a nose that had been traumatized and requiring repair with cartilage graft from the ribs with closed surgery will be like seeking an adventure. Surgeons who are fans of closed surgery claim that no scar will be behind with this technique. However, no case with a problem of scar has been encountered in surgeries with open technique. The important thing is performing the process carefully…

Are tampons mandatory after surgery?

If septoplasty is being performed during the operation for patients having septum deviation, i.e. patients having curvature within the nose, or if cartilage is being removed from the septum to support the back of the nose to facilitate breathing, then using tampons following surgery is extremely safe. Thanks to new type silicone tampons because of its removal very easy and practical…

Will my nose be broken?

In the process in which the roof of the nose is opened, it has to be closed again or the bone has to be reshaped to correct the bone curvatures. This issue is termed as fracture; however, it is not an actual fracture, it is a bone sculpting which done meticulously. This issue is considered to be very important…. Some physicians have gained popularity just because they perform bone reshaping with different techniques. I use fine micro motor/piezzo/ultrasoniccutters to rebalance the fracture lines of the bone. I am using this technique since I believe that it results in less swelling and bruising compared to classical techniques… Shaping of the bone is one of the fundamental processes of rhinoplasty. Patients having a narrow nose floor and small nasal hump rarely require bone shaping. In my case series, I do not require bone fracturing/shaping in 25% of the cases. (During the last 6 months, bone shaping was not required in 30 out of 120 patients)

I do not want to have bruises or swellings!

Bruising depends on the thickness of the skin, processes performed during the operation, clotting time of your blood and on many more dynamics. Half of the patients do not develop bruises. I have been observing the reasons why for nearly a decade. Therefore, I subscribe to performing the operation within the least possible period in appropriate patients with low blood pressure. Ice application after the operation does not minimize bruising; this is just an urban myth and does not have a scientific basis. Application of ice may partially reduce swelling.

Is only hump rasping enough for reshaping?

There are some connections extending from the nasal bridge to the tip of the nose. If only rasping is performed, though it may seem that the curvature of the nose is corrected, the tip of the nose will drop in the long term and the desired form will not be achieved. Nose anatomy is quiet complicated. The desired nose shape may not be achieved by just doing away with a single segment. Rhinoplasty is just like a puzzle with 100 pieces; in order to correct the puzzle after removing a single piece, you have to displace the other 99 pieces. Therefore, I recommend you to decide on the process with your plastic surgeon to obtain ultimate benefit.

Can we just slightly narrow the wings?

When the tip of the nose is lifted in rhinoplasty operation, the sides of the nose automatically get narrow to a certain extent.If the wings of the nose exceed the two imaginary lines that descend downward from the inner part of both eyes, then narrowing may be considered. If the wings of the nose are not prominently big, then it is appropriate to make the decision of narrowing them during the operation. Reducing the wings may lead to respiratory problems, therefore it is appropriate for the plastic surgeon to make the final decision for these processes that are hard to reverse.

Is narcosis /general anesthesia essential?

I do not prefer performing rhinoplasty operations under local anesthesia is quiet uncomfortable for the surgeon and the patient and leads to hypertension, more pain, swelling and bruising. My first choice is non-traumatic techniques for the patient, safety and comfort of the patient, thus I support performing rhinoplasty under general anesthesia.

When can I use an eyeglass?

Lightweight eyeglasses may be used in patients whom have undergone bone shaping 2 months after the operation. There may be differences related to the duration in these cases. Please confirm this period with your plastic surgeon after the operation.

When can I return back to active sports life?

The wounds inside the nose mostly heal within 3 weeks. After this period of 3 weeks, you can perform sports activities that do not increase the pressure inside your nose; you may swim in the sea or in a pool. Avoid straining, sneezing and blowing your nose during these 3 weeks.

What to do if another surgery is required?

Recent studies suggest that the requirement for a secondary operation in around 5% if the first operation is performed by an experienced surgeon. You have to decide on a secondary operation first with your own physician since he/she is familiar with your anatomical features and the processes that have been performed during the first operation. By this way, it will be easier to perform additional corrective processes.

Before and after surgery with 3D Vectra

VECTRA® 3D, lets you actively participate to plan the treatment with this new level of simulation system of consultation and allows you to decide the options you were provided. With VECTRA®  3D system; besides rhinoplasty, we  can achieve successful preoperative planning of  breast augmentation, tummy tuck surgery, chin augmentation and reduction , facial filler and fat injection procedures.