Revision Rhinoplasty

What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

After aesthetic rhinoplasty, 95% success is achieved on the average. Factors like the structural features of the patients, wound healing, history of previous traumas on the nose, smoking, surgical experience affects the success rate.

The process performed by the same physician after the operation for additional support is called revision. If it is performed by another physician, then it is called secondary rhinoplasty.

When to perform a revision operation?

The main criterion that defines this period is the severity of the deformity. A waiting period of 6 months should be present at the earliest for a big deformity. In special cases, there is no need to wait; the operation may be performed earlier according to the consensus of the patient and the doctor. It will be better to wait for a period up to 1 year for small deformities.

Where are the possible areas for harvesting cartilage?

When cartilage is needed, it is obtained from the cartilage of the ears or the ribs during the operation. The cartilage of the ribs is my first choice since we can obtain it in sufficient amounts and since its hardness is appropriate.

Are there any alternatives to cartilage?

Synthetic cartilage products may be used conveniently. Small deformities that do not require operation may be fixed with dermal fillers.