Rejuvenation of the Face and Neck

What are the operations for rejuvenation of the face?

Blepharoplasty, lifting of the forehead and the brows, face-lifting performed at the central part of the face, lifting performed on the cheeks and the neck are operations for facial rejuvenation. In addition, dermal fillers, neurotoxins, peeling, laser treatments, lip fillers and threads can be used for rejuvenation.

At which age should face-lifting operations be performed?

The main criteria that determine the age to undergo operation are wrinkles, sagginess on the face and the severity of the complaints of the patient. Face-lifting operations are generally recommended at the age of 50s.

How is the face-lifting process?

Total facial rejuvenation operation lasts for 4-6 hours on the average. Patient stays and rests at the hospital for the first night and discharge the next morning. It is recommended to use an appropriate facial corset for 5 nights. They can return social life after the 5th day and can work one week later.

How is face-lifting operation performed?

Pre and post auricular hidden incisions are used for dissecting the under skin and sub SMAS area on cheek and neck. SMAS tissue is lifted superior -posterior aspect so that cheeks elevate and mandibular contour seems prominent.

Why is deep plane recommended?

Major advantages of H-SMAS operation is that maintaining the mouth dimension and length.

Are there any problems that can be encountered following face-lifting?

Rarely bleeding in the form of leakage and blood accumulation can occur. Nerve damage may also be present due to the stiffness of the tissues, however they usually resolve spontaneously.

What should be done before face-lifting?

Smoking should be quitted two weeks before the operation; patients with hypertension should be re-evaluated and medications are recommended to be arranged again for those using antiagregant agents.