What is PrP?

PrP is the thrombocyte enrichedform of the blood plasma. Since it is rich in growth factors in respect to its content, it has been used in chronic wounds at first. It is commonly used in the field of cosmetics due to its positive effects on the skin and the hair.

Can everybody have PrP performed?

Since PrP contains growth factor, it should be used with great care in cancer patients who have undergone surgery or chemotherapy, radiotherapy and the decision to use it must be taken after consultation with an oncologist.

How is PrP applied?

These are short-term applications that are performed in the doctor’s office without the need for anesthesia. Approximately 10-20 cc of blood is collected in a special tube and takes the required form with the help of centrifuge. Then it is administered subcutaneously with an injector or a dermapen. 5 sessions are performed on the average with intervals of 3-4 weeks.