Nipple Aesthetic

What is ideal nipple shape?

The nipple of a woman has a height of 8 mm and width of 5-6 mm on the average. The diameter of the light brown area around the nipple that we call areola varies between 3.8 and 4.5 cm.

What are morphological deformities of the nipples?

These are the absence of the nipple, sunken nipples or extremely big nipples are in general.


What are the treatment options?

Surgical treatments that can be performed under local anesthesia are present. If the nipple is sunken, i.e. in cases of inverted nipples, then the structures that pull the nipple to the inferior may be eliminated with a small incision and the nipple regains its authentic shape. Similarly, the nipple or the diameter of the areola is narrowed. The patient can be discharged on the same day. Temporary loss of sensation may be seen after the operation.

Will I have problem in breastfeeding after the operation?

 When the brown area, i.e. areola is narrowed, there will not be a problem in breastfeeding;however,afterreduction of the nipple and inverted nipple, breastfeeding may be compromised Inverted nipple may make breastfeeding difficult, but the mother can breastfeed her baby with the help of a breast pump. The expectant mother is recommended to undergo operation after breastfeeding.