What is mastopexy?
The breast tissue partially loses its volume with breastfeeding, weight loss and aging and start to sag with gravity. The operation to relieve sagging when the breast is of sufficient size is called mastopexy. The goal is to have the breast tissue to regain its authentic form and moving the nipple upwards.

Will there be scars after mastopexy?
The distance that the nipple will be moved upwards partially determines the shape of the scar. A scar in the shape a lollipop or reverse ‘T’ that also decrease in time will be left. The scars are designed to stay under the two-piece triangle swimsuit.

What can be done if I my breast tissue is insufficient and sagging?
When breast tissue is insufficient, the first choice to provide volume to the breast is implanting an appropriate sized prosthesis and then recollect. Alternatively, volume can be provided with the patient’s own adipose tissue and then the breasts may be recollected.

How long does mastopexy operation last?
The average time for surgery is between 2-3 hours, and the process is performed under general anesthesia. The patient can be discharged on the same day or if she prefers she can stay at the hospital for one day, and the thin drains may be removed on the next day if they are present, and then the patient may be discharged.

What should be done before and after the operation?
Medications and plants that may increase bleeding time are not recommended to be used 10 days before the operation. The medications that the patient has to use are planned and changed with the physician. She is required to have a breast ultrasound before the operation. She has to use a bra-like corset for approximately onemonth following the operation. Arm and body motions are limited for 10 days by avoiding raising the arms, sports activities may be started 3 weeks after the operation.