Fat Injections

What is a fat injection? How is it performed?

This is the displacement of the own fat of the person. Especially the fat of the abdomen can be administered to the face, breasts, buttocks, legs and hands where fat deficiency is present. The most important advantage of fat injection is it’s not being allergic and increasing the quality of the skin since it is enriched with stem cells.


Are fat injections permanent?

Half of the volume of the fat that has been injected can dissolve in time. It should be administered for a couple of sessions to achieve the target volume. The localization of the fat injection is a factor that increases its permanence. While it is more permanent when applied to a locality on the cheekbones, it may dissolve before in injections performed on the lips to achieve plumpness.

For what other purposes can fat injection be performed?

Fat injection is especially performed to minimize the operation trauma and scars, and to heal the burned tissue. Fat injections have become popular in recent years as an additional support following rhinoplasty operations.

Where and how is the process performed?

Fat injections that will be administered to wide regions may be performed in the operating room under general anesthesia, and small interventions may be performed with local anesthesia in a sterile doctor’s office. After the process a mild swelling for 2-3 days can be present, purpleness is rarely seen. The patient can turn back to his/her social life within a couple of days.