What can be applied for under-eye purpleness or dark circles?
Treatment of long-term persistent purpleness also takes a long period. First of all, an underlying cause such as respiration problems and irregular sleep should be treated if present and smoking should be avoided. The mostly preferred methods are AHA peeling, light filling and cell-enriched fat injections. Methods other than peeling are our choices during summer time.

What is a blepharoplasty operation?
Upper blepharoplasty is the operation of elliptical skin and superficial muscle removal to increase the eye space of the upper eyelid that is sagging and having wrinkles and giving a younger appearance to the eyeball. Lower blepharoplasty is rearranging the fats that are found in the region rather than removal of excess skin. Operation scars are camouflaged so as not be seen.

Is there an age limit for operations of the eyelids?
Experiences of every individual are reflected around the eye. Some of us give signs in our 25s, and some of us give signs at our 35s. There is not a definite number; however most of our patients prefer to undergo an operation at 40s.

What is the current approach in eye aesthetic?
Clinical studies are about reshaping the fats around the eye instead of removing them and providing the volume that has been lost with fat injections. The results obtained after temple lifting operations combined with upper blepharoplasty are especially satisfactory.