Breast Deformities

What are breast deformities?

Asymmetric breasts, tuberous breast and congenital breast smallness are examples of breast asymmetries. Breast tissue that has been removed due to cancer surgery may also lead to asymmetry.

What is an accessory breast?

The tissue that arises as a soft tissue between the arm pit and the breast and varies with the menstrual period is called accessory breast. Though it should have been activated during embryonic period, it may also be activated after birth. Accessory breast should be followed closely or be removed.

How is an asymmetric breast corrected?

As the saying by a famous author; breasts are sisters, not twins. The difference in size between two breasts may be accepted to a certain extent. The correction may differ according to the selection of the breast that the other one will be likened to or according to the normalization of both of them. Thus, surgical intervention is planned as customized to the patient such as breast reduction or breast augmentation of the smaller breast with a silicon prosthesis.

What is a tuberous breast?

If the base of the breast is narrow and the nipple is bigger than it normally should be, it is called a tuberous breast. Since surgical correction of a tuberous breast is extremely complicated, it can be normalized as much as possible by experienced experts.