Lip Aesthetic

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How lips that are easy on the eye should be?

A pleasant lip is one of the important structures of the 1/3 of the lower part of the face. Basically, lips are desired to be plump in respect to proportion, with prominent contours. The parts that seem pinkish on the upper and the lower lip are expected to have an approximate proportion of 2/3. The lips should be parallel to the face when they are loose and should not have any wrinkles around.

Is having beautiful lips sufficient alone?

Aesthetic is perceived as a whole. For an individual to look nice, his/her chin, lips and teeth must be in harmony.

Which processes are performed for lip aesthetic?

Surgical and non-surgical processes may offer solution according to the problem. Surgical implementations are usually appropriate for congenital problems or for long-term techniques for the purpose of Aesthetics. As for non-surgical processes, the usage of HS after being approved by FDA has become widespread after 2004.

How is lip augmentation performed?

Local anesthesia is applied to certain spots for the patient to have a pain-free operation. Following this administration, HA injection is performed under the mucosal structures to achieve the required plumpness. The most important issue here is administering injections that are appropriate to the anatomical contours of the lips. Applications that will conform to the Eros arc, Vermillion border and Steiner line are essential.

How long does hyaluronic acid (HA) last?

It lasts for 4-12 months depending on the quality of the used product, the area of application and personal features.