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Gynecomasty, why do men develop feminine breasts?

Gynecomasty develops with the increase in the estrogen-testosterone ratio in favor of estrogen. It regresses automatically within a couple of years in cases who develop gynecomasty between the ages 13 and 16. In some patients, feminine breasts remain and may lead to socio-psychological problems.
In adulthood gynecomasty, the underlying cause has to be eliminated. Testiculartumor, hepatitis, lung diseases and some drugs may lead to gynecomasty.


How is gynecomasty treated?

After the elimination of the underlying cause, the main treatment is surgery. According to the size of the breast tissue, surgical methods may involve liposuction or tissue excision in addition to liposuction. Surgical interventions like breast reduction that are performed in women are rarely performed in very big breasts.

How is the process of gynecomasty?

The operation is usually performed under general anesthesia and lasts for 0.5-1.5hours. A pain that can be easily tolerated may be experienced. If the operation is performed only with laser lipolysis, and then the patient is discharged on the same day and wears a corset. The corset has to be worn for 1 month in general. If an additional surgical intervention has been performed in addition to liposuction, then patient controls are performed and dressings are applied in accordance with the follow-up of the physician.