Dermal Filler

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Dermal Filler

Filling agents are commonly used to eliminate the wrinkles that are seen when the muscles do not work, i.e. at their resting states. Permanence of filling agents are between 6-12 months based on the quality of the used product and the region that was applied. Since these products may result in reactions, they should be administered with specialist doctors after a detailed examination for the safety of the patient.

What is light filling?

These are special fillers enriched with amino acids and vitamins that are applied to the under eye area to eliminate minimal hollowness and mild dark circles. After the administration, the tired appearance around the eyes of the patient start to decrease in the early period and the area around the eye achieves a young, vivid look.


What is permanent filler?


Silicon filling agents are permanent; however, they are no longer used due to their side effects.

What is a smart filler?

These are fillers with effects that may last for 2-5 years due to the collagen stimulation that absorption of the product creates after being injected.

Where is it applied the most?

Filling applications are alternatives to surgery. They are not as efficient as surgery; however, outcomes that are close to the target can be obtained. They can be applied to all areas in which face volume is lost due to advanced age, especially to the cheekbone, chin, forehead, temple, eyebrows, under the eye and the lips. In addition, they are also used in the aesthetic of the dorsum of the hand and localized hollow parts on the body.