Chin Aesthetic

What is the importance of chin aesthetic?

People who care about their visual appearance need an attractive chin to create the impression of a socio-psychologically strong, reliable and beautiful/handsome person. The common feature of many Hollywood and Turkish stars is their beautiful and strong chin structures.


How a chin that is easy on the eye should be?

Chin structure shows racial and regional differences. The important thing in here is being proportional to the face and the skull of the individual. Parameters such as harmony of the maxilla and the submaxilla, location of the lips, the sharpness of the chin and chin contour are the factors that define our perception of aesthetic

What is orthognathic surgery?

Basically, there are 3 types of chin structures. Deficiencies and excessiveness of these structures are determined with cephalometric analysis and the surgical planning is performed. The upper or the lower jaw is brought forward or backward to the required level with interventions through the oral cavity accordingly.


What should be done before and after the operation?

First, you are recommended to have an examination. As a result of the evaluation, you will be followed by a dentist and a plastic surgeon. If surgical intervention is necessary, your specific needs will be specified by the physician.


How is genioplasty operation performed?

This is giving the chin an aesthetic appearance by altering the length and width of the tip of the chin. The most commonly performed interventions are operations that are supported with medpor, silicon and bone graft. Bone rasping is the process that is performed the most in patients with prominent and narrow tip of the chin or in patients who ask for a “V-shape”.