Breast Reduction

How long does it take to go back to normal life after breast reduction?

Generally, you will have to stay in the hospital for a day following the operation. Those having desk jobs can go back to work 4-5 days later. For the women performing active arm activities, it is recommended to start working 2 weeks later. If the operation area is closed completely, then you can do physical exercises and swim in the pool 3-4 weeks later.


When can I go to solarium after breast reduction?

Generally accepted opinion is avoiding solarium at least for 3 months. After this period, you will be permitted to have a sunbath and enter into solarium. The purpose of this abstinence is preventing the changing of the color of the operation scars.

How do scars form after breast reduction?

In general, a scar in the shape of a reverse ‘’T’’ is left. The length of the line at the bottom may vary according to the size of the breast. The self-confidence and regaining the shape of the breast following the operation makes the concerns about the scars insignificant.


Is breastfeeding affected after breast reduction?

If the connection of the milk ducts with the nipples is not disturbed, then she can breast feed to 70%. However, women who have never undergone operation may not be able to breastfeed therefore, the relationship of the operation and breastfeeding is not clear.

Will I have the size that I desire after the operation?

With planning that is performed before the operation, the desired size is achieved. However, weight changes after the operation affects the size of the breast. That is, when the patient loses weight, her breasts may also get smaller. The patient has to take care about her diet.

At what age can breast reduction be performed?

If the patient has severe back pain and psychosocial complaints, then it can be performed as early as 18 years. Patients having concerns about breastfeeding are recommended to undergo operation after delivery.