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What is the goal of the operation?

The main goal of abdominoplasty is the elimination of sagging of the belly after pregnancy or extreme weight loss and making the waist more aesthetic. Patients who have extreme intra-abdominal fat are not eligible. An overweight individual can partially benefit from the operation.

Are there solutions that are alternative to surgery?

There are patients who have obtained positive results from vaser or laser liposuction who have lost weight without sagginess and having strong abdominal muscles. How much benefit you can obtain from the operation cannot be predicted definitely; however, you have chance to get into form without a scar and with a fast recovery.

Which operations can be concurrent?

Combinations of breast operations with abdominoplasty or liposuction, and fat injection with abdominoplasty are reasonable. Other combinations are the processes that can reduce the comfort of the patient after the operation.


What are the risks of the operation?

The operation is quite safe due to new surgical technique and technology. Additional features of the patient complicate the operation. If you are addicted to smoking, you have to quit it at least a month before the operation and also you are recommended not to smoke for a month after the operation. If you have diabetes, you are recommended to have the operation only after your blood sugar is regulated. In respect to scar quality, you are recommended to have the operation between September and May.

How is the activity and its outcomes?

This is one of the most satisfying operations of plastic surgery that yields a high ratio of satisfaction. According to my experience, I have seen patients complaining about the troubles of the operation and confessing that they would not have it if they had known about this; however, the same patients complain on not undergoing the operation before on the 6th month.